The Guardian (GUidelines for cARDIovasculAr risk implemeNted through an interactive computerized access ) software represents an interactive implementation of World Health Organization 2007 guidelines for the assessment and management of cardiovascular risk.

It provides a user friendly way for:
  1. management and assessment of cardiovascular risk, by using the 2007 World Health Organization/International Society of Hypertension (WHO/ISH) risk prediction charts tailored for 14 world subregions
  2. evidence-based guidance on how to reduce this risk

Guardian Risk Calculator is available for download.

Risk Calculator features

Guardian comes with preinstalled risk prediction charts used to estimate the cardiovascular risk for 14 WHO epidemiological sub-regions.

Generates recommendations for prevention of cardiovascular disease in people with risk factors

Generates recommendations for prevention of recurrent CHD (heart attack) and CeVD (stroke) events without the use of prediction charts. The secondary prevention recommendations are based only on clinical conditions (i.e. previous CHD or CeVD events)

Completely localizable and with full i18n support

Both recommendations and application strings are stored in external UTF-16 file

Shipped with embedded SQLite database engine

The acquired informations are stored in a standard SQLite database in user reachable location.

Save and Print

Save your data for future reference and print generated reports


View Guardian Presentation from "XIX Congresso IFC - Congresso Primavera 2008" (italian)

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